Employee Analytics

& Productiviy

Maximize organizational productivity

Our workforce analytics tool lets you gather and analyze user data to maximize and optimize your team’s productivity.


Our service is custom-designed to help organizations obtain critical insights into activity and behavior. It answers several key questions that will help organizations improve employee engagement and productivity, how it can be improved, and flag up workflows that are inefficient and in need of optimization.

The answers to questions like these not only provide valuable data insights, they will enable organizations to act on meaningful information and accomplish more benefits for everyone involved. The results will undoubtedly pose challenges and present opportunities, but will also ultimately benefit both the employers and employees.

What are the benefits workforce analytics?

There are numerous business benefits to be aware of, including the ability to:

  • Measure and enhance the productivity of teams and individuals

  • Drive employee engagement and curb factors impacting employee turnover

  • Improve business processes via the collected workforce data

  • Integrate external data analytics to scrutinize trends over a broader data set

  • Examine software tool spend and usage for better management and optimization of resources

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of collaboration between in-house and remote work teams

What challenges can workforce analytics help me solve?

Among the issues explored are:

  • Exploration of where gaps in the productivity of the workforce are occurring

  • Identification and resolution of any unproductive business processes

  • Where remote workers and teams can boost collaboration

  • The factors that are helping to drive high employee turnover


Our software shines a light on workflows and productivity issues. It does this by harvesting user behavior insights to obtain in context and actionable information for organizations. The insights enable organizations to examine workforce behavior and act upon the results in order to improve productivity, all business processes, and the employee experience overall.


How can Superior Data improve our workforce productivity?

Our service works at many levels to analyze employee productivity and flag areas that need attention. It does this by collecting and analyzing a broad swathe of user activity data. When this data is harvested, it is labeled as either productive or unproductive the employees’ most commonly used apps and websites. These productivity labels are color-coded to enable visibility on the dashboard or in reports.


Among the essential features are the ability to:

  • View daily productivity summaries of teams or individuals

  • Drill further into reports to obtain details of those performing best and heaviest application usage

  • Quickly investigate user behavior analytics to comprehend trends better and identify where action needs to be taken

  • Examine team productivity and measure it against benchmarks and focus scores

  • Recognize distractions affecting productivity and view team comparisons

  • Correlate trends by viewing data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

​​How can this tool help reduce staff turnover and drive employee engagement?

Decreased productivity can signal burnout, among other things. A healthy work environment that encourages breaks and smarter work routines are crucial. By analyzing user activity data, management can detect which employees are struggling and act early to prevent them from becoming disengaged and likely to quit.


With our data analytics, you can:

  • Better determine workload patterns and distinguish skill sets that are deficient

  • Detect employees who use social media excessively, a significant indicator of burnout or potential resignation

  • Use activity reports to balance workloads across team members

  • Drive employee engagement by sharing with staff and teams the productivity trends

  • Refine onboarding for new hires by identifying which business processes require tweaking

Can you compare your employee data with other data sources?

Yes. It’s possible to obtain in-depth analysis by integrating our employee analytics data with external data from ZenDesk, Salesforce, Jira, and so on. The integration will enable you to obtain even deeper insights to enhance further and improve business operations.


Use our Data Connect tool to get direct access to mission-critical user behavior to compare alongside external sources of data.


For instance, you can:

  • Query as well as export data to obtain an in-depth analysis of focus and productivity

  • Create user activity data’ slices’ to better understand trends and patterns

  • Use our pre-configured Power BI and Tableau dashboard templates, or create custom templates

  • Generate custom reports on app usage, productivity behavior, collaboration, as well as compliance

  • Import and integrate data from other business applications such as CRM, SIEM, EPM, etc.

Will workforce analytics help me save money?

Yes, employee analytics will help you track application use and cut spending.


Our workforce data will enable you to audit all the applications being used by your organization. You can see how frequently employees use particular tools, and whether the usage is productive. Having this intelligence will enable better management of software applications across the organization. It will also be invaluable in helping determine the software application licenses that are necessary to fulfill business operations. And which apps can be removed from the mix or reassigned to other staff members.


Among the business intelligence that can be captured are:

  • Inventories of applications and the websites visited by staff

  • Software and web usage to better understand the number of licenses you actually require

  • Identification of unproductive websites and apps, and configuration of usage limits

  • Application compliance with your approved standards

  • The discovery of redundant apps, reduction of license fees, plus the streamlining of business processes

Can I obtain insights into collaboration between on-site and remote teams?

Yes. Having teams on-site and working remotely introduces many challenges to manage, such as different work patterns, collaboration software, and operating systems. With our software, you can track workflows, potential bottlenecks, check time management, and examine the collaboration between office and remote work teams.


We can help you recognize workflow trends and any shortcomings, scrutinize time management and examine the collaboration between remote workers and those on-site.


We will help you:

  • Understand workflow behavior of dispersed teams

  • See employee use of tools, for example, email, video conferencing, messaging, etc.

  • Track websites and software to ensure staff can work efficiently

  • Identify patterns of employees spending too long finding the information they require

  • Leverage behavior insights to better understand how dispersed teams collaborate.