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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Companies who are performing well under lockdown conditions

• Companies who have remained current on software and platforms that have embraced the

cloud and workplace collaboration.

• Examples of software QuickBooks Online, Office 365 with teams, Online CRM software, true

hosted VoIP phone system with Unified Communications.

• Companies with defined Business Disaster Recovery and Continuity policies that perform

quarterly or semiannual fire drills.

• These steps allow your business to move offsite and remain productive and secure.

Pitfalls of underprepared companies

• Companies are forced to make a snap decision. There is no time to research cost, productivity, spin uptime. Just buy it and hope for the best.

• Training is trial by fire.

• Employees, Management, and IT staff have to stop production in order to set up, train, and

secure offsite workstations.

• Hardware: Does your workforce even have computers at home? If so, are they willing to use

them for work? Do you want them to use their home computer's work, and are they secure?

• Phones: Is your phone system VoIP? Can phones be taken home? Is there a mobile app for a cell phone or desktop app? Are you going to pay for employee's cell phone and internet bills if they are working from home?

• Security also tends to go out the window when making a decision under stressful conditions. Cybercriminals go into high gear in situations like these. Phishing scams are at an all-time high right now. Are your employees using their unsecured home computers to connect to your network?

Preparedness and Confidence

• Your employees and staff are looking for stability and answers from you, the business owner.

• Your employees will not react well to a chaotic scramble to get things working. Then placing an additional financial burden and the stress of figuring out how to make it all work.

In closing, winning teams have a plan that is documented, tested, and reviewed regularly.

Game time is not the time to develop a game plan.


Brandon Avina

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