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VoIP Hosted Phone System

Robust internet phone service

Our unified communication platform is a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. It is fully integrated and comprises a PBX telephone system, chat, video conferencing, screen-sharing, file and document management, all in one seamless tool.


Our software is managed via an easy to use control panel that’s backed by a service level agreement promising uptime of 99.999%. Pricing is transparent thanks to a flat rate per user for unlimited local and long-distance domestic calls. You, therefore, know precisely how much you will pay.


Add in instant messaging, 24/7 customer support, video meetings, collaboration, and spam caller filtering, and you have a robust enterprise tool. 

Which business tools does Superior Data Solutions incorporate?

We integrate all your business communication and team working tools into one user-friendly platform, including:


  • PBX phone system - A cloud-based telephone system with 90 plus business-grade features supported by class-leading call quality and availability. System management, as well as call reporting tools, are overseen from a web dashboard.

  • Instant messaging and SMS - Teams can use instant messaging, send and receive documents, and interact with customers and co-workers via SMS. All instant messaging and SMS texts are synchronized across all user devices.

  • Desktop app - Our desktop tool gathers all the collaboration apps together to make teamwork as simple as possible. From this one app, users can tell who is online, use instant messaging and SMS text, share their screen, make video calls, and share documents. The downloadable app is available for PC and Mac users.

  • Mobile app - This application enables teams to work seamlessly on the go straight from their smartphone. Android and iOS versions are available.

  • Remote office - Our pre-configured phones can be used at any location with broadband. These remote working phones have the same functionality as their office-based counterparts.

  • Fax - A virtual faxing service allows users to send and receive fax messages via the internet. Faxes are sent directly from any Windows computer.

  • Phones - Our VoIP telephones are pre-configured and plug and play simple.

  • Voicemail - Voicemail is managed online from either a desktop VoIP phone or via the mobile app. It’s also possible to forward voicemail via email.

  • Screen sharing - Desktops can be shared between team members and others to improve, in real-time, collaboration, and decision-making.

  • Video meetings - High definition video eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings and time-consuming business travel.

  • Backup and collaborate - Ensure vital files are backed up securely and stored where internal and remote teams can access them instantly.

  • Voice over IP phones - A Voice over Internet Protocol phone enables you to use a single phone number that follows you wherever you go. Our VoIP phones plug straight into a regular North American internet port.


What do I need to know about VoIP?

Business communications center around people. Unified communication platforms facilitate communication by being user-friendly, high-quality, and stress-free to enable businesses to focus on their customers, not their comms tool.


We achieve this by placing all enterprise communication assets such as your telephone system, video meetings, instant messaging, screen-sharing, document management, and conference calling under one umbrella. What you can expect is a seamless user experience that meshes perfectly with your business needs.


It’s now fuss-free to obtain scalable cloud services that fit your business and are customizable to your needs.


What are Unified Communications as a Service?


Shortened to UCaaS, essentially, it means an interconnected platform of communications and collaboration tools, services, and applications hosted in the cloud. In other words, UCaaS merges your telephone system, instant messaging, video calls, and document backups and sharing in one place.


Our user-friendly platform unifies comms and collaboration. This consolidation makes it easier for your staff to become more productive and collaborative across internal and external teams and customers. Ultimately, your business communication tools should not get in the way of interaction, but rather enhance it. Employees ought to be able to focus on their roles, not get distracted by technology.


With our software, your staff will have all the tools in one place and not require you to jump from app to app to work.


Your data is also secure as our platform is certified by TSIA and JD Power. You should have no worries about security data. All your files and documents are protected and kept private on secure enterprise-grade cloud servers that are audited externally using SOC 2 trust standards to evaluate system security, privacy, availability, and processing integrity.

Does your platform work with Microsoft Dynamics™ 365?

Yes. Our unified communications platform integrates well with Microsoft Dynamics 365, so you should have no issues.


Among the critical integration features are:

  • Click a contact to place a call within MS Dynamics 365

  • Pull up customer records while on inbound calls

  • One-click creation of new contact records and leads

  • Logging your calls is straightforward as is note-taking on live calls within Dynamics 365

  • You can add further productivity and customer engagement by utilizing select contact center services

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