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Is Cybersecurity Snake Oil?

Why should I take cybersecurity seriously? It is just snake oil that is being to pedal people who are being scared into buying it.

The truth is cyberattacks are more of a threat today than it ever has been before for every business. Many people think that they have nothing of value or are too small to be a target. These factors are precisely what cybercriminals are counting on to launch a successful cyber attack. Cybersecurity is as essential as locking the door at night when you leave, except for the chance of a physical break-in that is very slim compared to the constant cyberattack your business faces daily.

Your company is the shepherd of employee, client, and company's sensitive data. It is also your livelihood and part of your retirement strategy. As a business owner, you work hard every day to make your business successful. We work to make sure someone doesn't rob you of that success. Not protecting something you worked so hard to build is counterintuitive.

If you are not aware of these types of attacks or how to protect your business, take the security quiz below.

Take the IT Security Quiz See How Close Your Company Is a Cyber-Attack!

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