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Why are IT teams co-managing with managed service providers in the post-pandemic recovery?

Why are IT teams co-managing with managed service providers in the post-pandemic recovery?

IT manager will tell you that they've been stretched to the limit since the pandemic.

Supporting both the migration to work from home, implementing digital safety checks at the office reception area, and now supporting a hybrid work from home/work in the office, most IT managers and their team's resources are stretched thinly.

Savvy IT managers are now looking at partnering with local IT service firms to outsource some aspects of the IT function in a business.

Here are some of the benefits we've seen since working with internal IT teams.

Depth of knowledge

Many internal IT employees work with one business IT system - previous experience has taught them well, and they tend to know the current IT system inside out.

However, when there's a problem they can't fix or a new system, they have little experience. This is when a fallback solution and a go-to IT provider with an experienced team of IT professionals can help.

Most IT providers like ourselves work with many different IT systems and technology - because we have a diverse set of clients, this gives us a depth of knowledge that can help your internal IT team.

After hours and holiday cover

Personal lives are never predictable and supporting technology can be more than a full-time job. Migrations and upgrades usually mean weekend work which can eat into employee time off. Combine that with out-of-hours IT support, and the internal IT team can feel like their working two full-time jobs with very little free time to themselves.

Having an out-of-hours partner that can cover the helpdesk and support the smooth running of IT systems is one of the most significant benefits of partnering with an MSP.

Extra Eyes on your Security

A fresh perspective on things is always welcoming, and that's what co-managed IT services can offer.

Having a partner that can look at your I network from an external point of view will help you spot potential security vulnerabilities on your network and where business improvements can be made.

A co-managed strategy helps you have a more significant influence over the different aspects of your IT management. Instead of trusting everything to a third party, you take care of the most critical things in-house. You establish two "layers" of protection by doing this, and each poses several obstacles to unauthorized entry. More layers can, as a rule, make data intrusion even less probable.


You might be thinking - what's the cost of a co-managed solution? Would it be cheaper to hire an additional set of hands? Or are co-managed IT services something that can help strategically with the future growth of our firm? Let's discuss the answer to this by contacting us.

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