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All your IT solutions under one roof

Managed IT Services - Winston Salem, NC

Do it all with Superior Data Solutions

We are a state of the art, managed IT firm that provides customized results-driven solutions that will help your business save both time and money. Our services deliver greater efficiency and better results for businesses of all sizes. Right from the start, we conduct a deep and far-ranging audit of your current data systems to quickly figure out your system’s strengths, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement. Using this information, we appraise your hardware and network setup, along with their matching processes, to clearly figure out what your company needs to maximize current and future productivity. From that point, we design a scalable solution that will deliver the results you need. We back up our solutions with IT services and support to give you maximum peace of mind. Our custom-designed customer needs-specific systems help ensure that your business IT infrastructure keeps pace with changes in technology.

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Your business before

Superior Data Solutions...

Your business after...

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Less Management​

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Our cloud-based solutions minimize costly and time-intensive hands-on management. Your team will be able to execute more leadership initiatives on their own.

Boost Productivity

Increased Productivity with our IT services icon

Leverage the efficiency and time savings of our IT solutions to leapfrog your competition. How? Our system reduces your costs while increasing your output.

Optimize Operations

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Our results-focused IT infrastructure solutions enable your whole organization to produce more results in less time.


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Our cloud-based data systems enable your firm to grow faster by enabling it to scale up to take advantage of opportunities as they appear.

Increase Efficiencies


Our services help free you up from the day-to-day details of data management so you can focus on strategizing to grow your business.

One-On-One Support

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We're here to give you the individualized support you need to get results done the right way the first time around.

The difference is in the details


Cyber Security & Asset Management

  • Inventory and organize your firm's digital assets

  • Install and optimize data security systems

  • Reorganize IT ecosystem for maximum savings

Protect and secure your firm’s sensitive and valuable assets including company information, hardware, and software. Put in place a unified asset tracking, security, and management system to maximize operational efficiency. Constantly monitor your software and hardware assets and perform real-time maintenance to ensure seamless worry-free operations.


IT Compliance

As the regulatory landscape changes continuously, we are your ever-vigilant partner in ensuring your company’s total IT system meets all legal requirements. Don’t risk fines or other penalties by ignoring or failing to comply with all IT-related regulations in your industry and/or jurisdiction. Were here to help avoid unnecessary expenses associated with regulatory audits.

  • Data and system security accountability

  • Worry-free operations

  • Comprehensive service coverage

Business Disaster Recovery 

& Continuity (DRaaS)

  • Get ready for all situations

  • Don’t get caught flat-footed

  • Avoid downtime losses

Even with the best laid out systems, IT infrastructure can still experience unexpected data crashes, freezes, and other disasters. Our data backup and disaster recovery IT Solutions ensure you don’t lose any sleep when the unexpected happens. Thanks to our constant backup and quick recovery system, your business’s data is protected on 24/7 365 day basis. Should your system crash, we’ll get you back up and running. Say good-bye to lost sleep due to crashing servers!

Employee Analytics
& Productivity

Unlock the full productivity potential of every single member of your team through our operations analytics. Quickly figure out productivity bottlenecks and operational weaknesses so you can fine-tune your processes. Our range of productivity tools will enable your company to move forward at peak efficiency so you can meet your goals and targets. 

  • Real-time operational awareness

  • Zero in on organizations inefficiencies

  • Boost and fine-tune team productivity

Hosted Phone 
System (VoIP)
  • Enjoy net-based secure telephony

  • Tap the power of a globally distributed phone system

  • Reduce your local and international call costs 

Our hosted VoIP (voice over IP) solution enables your team to place phone calls to and from all parts of the world with an Internet connection. Not only will your organization save money, but your phone communications will also be routed through a secure and easy-to-use system. 

Dark Web Monitoring 
& Training
  • Be prepared to handle data breaches

  • Reduce data loss exposure

  • Protect client and team data from exploitation

We set up a constant data monitoring infrastructure for all your sensitive business data and information.  Our system will notify you if any of your sensitive digital assets are leaked onto the Dark Web. Our data monitoring vigilance and cybersecurity training give your firm crucial protection against phishing, hacking, and data breaches.

What our clients are saying

Garrett Reynolds

Superior Data Solutions definitely went the extra mile on our IT system set-up.  It's wonderful to now have the ability to extend our phone system to where ever we're working that day. Internet phone systems are truly amazing and a big improvement from our old

landline phones.

Chris Thompson


I can't emphasize enough the benefits of having an expert handle and coordinate all of our IT services. Not only did we save money, but our team also operates much smoother now. It's great to work with one company that can handle every aspect of our software and hardware systems from A to Z.  

Ava Green


Our network and phone systems went from disorganized to seamless after working with Superior Data Solutions. Their data backup and recovery service also saved us when we were no longer able to connect to our servers due to a cyber attack. We didn't lose any information and we were up and running with minimal downtime.

IT Security & Beyond Webinar

Brandon Avina

Brandon is a co-founder of Superior Data Solutions. He’s been an IT professional for over 20 years and a small business owner for 10 as a leader in business continuity and IT security for small to mid-size businesses. He lives with his wife and kids in the Lake Norman part of Charlotte, NC.

Meet our owners

Jose Aguilar


Jose helped found Superior Data Solutions 10 years ago and has been in the IT industry for 25 years. He is focused on providing practical IT solutions for small businesses in an ever-changing industry. He lives with his family in Orange County, California.


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